Anke de Vries

Anke de Vries (1936) married a Frenchman and lived in various countries before settling down in France. She made her debut in 1972 and has written many books since; not only juvenile books, but also picture books.

Anke de Vries's juvenile books can be divided into two categories. Those that are set in Holland, which are usually about such contemporary issues as discrimination, child abuse and environmental problems; and those in France, which are more mysterious and adventurous. All the books in both categories clearly show how deeply she cares about people's unhappiness and the problems some of today's children have to face. Her well written plots gain the warm sympathy of her young readers.

Many children´s juries have chosen books by Anke de Vries as Best Children's Book of the Year and she has received a number of other prizes and awards. Anke de Vries is still writing fiction for children.

Books by Anke de Vries: