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Johann Olav Koss, triple world skating champion and winner of four Olympic gold medals, wants to make it possible for everyone, everywhere, to have the opportunity to play. “Everyone” includes those children who, through war, natural disasters, violence or famine, have lost everything. It is for this cause that Koss has given up his career as a top class athlete to found the organization Right to Play.

This book takes the reader on an adventure around the world--through schools in Rwanda, refugee camps in Palestine, the slums of Mali and the United Nations Headquarters in New York. The reader will meet child soldiers who have returned from war, children who have to survive on the streets of Africa, and boys with nothing but a rolled up T-shirt as a football because they have nothing else to use.

IN addition to the children, Right to Play also includes the stories of  athletes from all over the world who will tell him why they enjoy sport so much., Famous ambassadors from Right to Play who share their memories of the early days of playing games and of their sports. From all these people the reader will learn why--heart and soul—these men and women are such supporters of Right To Play.

"This is an uplifting and eye-opening account of how collaboration and commitment can lead to positive change."-- Publishers Weekly

Right To Play | author: Jesse Goossens | Paperback / softback, 144 pages | 9781935954101 | $20.95

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