Marijke ten Cate - Where is My Sock?

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Getting dressed can be an adventure!

After taking a bath, a boy must put on his clothes-but where are they?

Children as well as adults will recognize the mystery of the lost sock. Author-illustrator Marijke ten Cate turns this universal theme into a lively hide-and-seek picture book. Each colorful spread is full of captivating characters at play. Look closely, and you will see clothes hidden among the jumble of images and objects. The illustrations are accompanied by a simple text ("Where is my yellow sock?" "Where is my red sweater?"). The more a child looks at the book, the more he or she will discover.

"After the bath it's time to dress, but clothes are scattered all over among pictures of other objects. Little readers look for clothing items in response to the simple questions in the text. It's an enjoyable discovery game for a child alone or a child -adult pair."
-Yellow Brick Road

Where is My Sock? | author: Marijke ten Cate | Hardback, 32 pages | 9781590788080 | $16.95  

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