Marijke ten Cate - Who Has the Biggest Bottom

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This silly circus celebrates that everyone has something special!

From the author/illustrator of Where Is My Sock? comes this backyard cross between a circus and a county fair. Who has the most pointy nose? The longest ears? The dirtiest hands? The biggest bottom? The readers are the winners as each animal is recognized individually and then all together in one splendid celebratory spread.

The question format makes the book even more fun and interactive.
The detailed illustrations provide new things to see with each reading.

"In this jolly import, spotting the largest bottom, the barest belly, the widest mouth and like superlatives in a loose gathering of children, animals and animate toys preparing to put on a circus will draw young viewers into all sorts of visual funny business. It’s a messy affair. On the first spread alone, one child hauls in miscellaneous lumber and tools, while another creates party hats and noses for himself and several toys. Still another gives a piglet a sudsy bath near a dog diving into a pot of what looks like tomato soup, and yet another samples an array of perfumes next to a toddler proffering a full, stinking potty to a grimacing monkey. The pairings change and the clutter increases in successive scenes, as the stage goes up, costumes go on, signs (and pigs) get painted, and, at last, the solutions to the titular and related questions present themselves (though they were easy enough to identify earlier). Suspended in white space with only pale shadows for background, Cate’s watercolor figures fill but don’t crowd the pages, and they throw themselves into the preparations with infectious smiles and high spirits. A quick bit of fun for fans of Bob Staake’s Look! A Book! (2011) and like seek-and-find scrambles."

- Kirkus Reviews

"This picture book may be simply written, but its lively ink-and-watercolor illustrations feature a large cast of children and animals bustling about in playful, silly, and sometimes purposeful ways. In an early double-page spread, one girl cuts a piece of cloth, while another paints a little boy’s face. Nearby, a boy saws a plank of wood, while one mouse juggles nails, a second balances a screwdriver on his nose, and a third tosses candy into a crocodile’s mouth. Meanwhile, more than a dozen other characters engage in their own activities. The text asks, “Who has the widest mouth?” From page to page, viewers may be too busy trying to answer the questions or too caught up in the individual mini dramas to see what’s happening overall, but, gradually, a circus tent takes shape, and the performers prepare for their acts. First published in the Netherlands, this appealing picture book is a natural for children who love to pore over illustrations, looking for answers and enjoying the details."
-Booklist Online

Who Has the Biggest Bottom | author: Marijke ten Cate | Hardback, 32 pages | EAN: 9781935954255 | $17.95

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