Charlotte Dematons - Worry Bear

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It's early morning in the toy store and all of the bears are asleep except for one little lonely bear.

Laundry Bear, the first to awaken, notices the disheveled newcomer and asks that he take off his sweater to be cleaned. The huge shaggy polar bears crowd around the little shivering bear and give him a big hug. Honey Bear offers him some honey. Big Boss Bear rumbles that everyone is wrong -- he's lost, that's all. The bears try to discover who the little bear is. Blabber Bear remains behind to keep him company -- and isn't quiet for a second. Then the store opens. All the bears are awake now except for one. The little bear is sound asleep, not worried or lonely anymore.

Worry Bear | author: Charlotte Dematons | Hardback, 32 pages | 9781886910836 | $15.95

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