Elle van Lieshout & Erik van Os & Mies van Hout - Lovey and Dovey

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Lovey and Dovey have stolen each other's hearts. 
And a pair of blue socks from the shop on the corner. That's why they're in prison.
Iron bars won't keep Dovey from sneaking out of their dungeon every night to bring back presents for his Lovey, though. If a beautiful view of the sun and the sea (peeled off of the local ocean and placed on their wall) isn't enough, perhaps the moon and the stars, an apple tree, and other impossible treats will suffice.
The pair of robbers have made their cell so comfortable that, when released, they don't know what to do. Fortunately, an attractive pair of pink socks sends them right back home.

Lovey and Dovey is a warmly humorous story that will steal the reader's heart.

"A winsome prison fable from the Netherlands. 
...[C]hildren will respond to its daffy logic and celebrate along with the lovers."
-Kirkus Reviews

"Quirky, playful and altogether inviting."
-Publishers Weekly

"This offbeat story features a loving couple who share a jail cell in the "most dismal dungeon of Katakom" because they stole a pair of blue socks. ... Their unusual method of transforming their cell, along with this charming jailbird-pair's solution to the problem of their unwanted freedom, will have readers chuckling."
-School Library Journal

"This warm and delightfully unique picture book will give readers a delightful respite from the everyday world. Not only is the story quite charming, but the illustrations are sprinkled with clever little vignettes that children will enjoy looking at."
- Through the Looking Glass Children's Book Review

Lovey and Dovey | author: Elle van Lieshout & Erik van Os | illustrator: Mies van Hout | Hardback, 32 pages | 9781590786604 | $16.95

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