Elle van Lieshout & Erik van Os & Mies van Hout - Uh-oh Octopus!

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An underwater story from the illustrator of HappyFriends, and Surprise.

Mies van Hout has long wished to do an underwater story and the result is this beautiful picture book that truly conveys the deep sea experience.

A small octopus lives in a snug apartment until one day an intruder barricades the entrance. Octopus asks for advice on how to escape but the more suggestions he gets, the less he is able to figure out what to do. Eventually, Octopus learns to trust his own instincts and learns that things are not always what they seem.

Mies van Hout's expert eye and execution are stunningly revealed in a red lobster, pink jellyfish and a wide variety of fish contrasted against an aqua sea.

Underwater setting sets Mies van Hout free in her most popular palette

"Full disclosure: I’m an utter Mies van Hout groupie! When I see her name on a cover, I barely need to open the book to know that I’ll be getting some giddy glee. Uh-Oh Octopus! authors Elle van Lieshout & Erik van Osprovide van Hout just the right narrative to fill these pages with discovery, surprise, and plenty of delight. [...]
With wit and wisdom both, van Lieshout and van Os offer plenty of resonating teaching moments, from thoroughly searching for answers, listening to your own advice, celebrating the power of polite, asking for help, and, of course, going with the flow (couldn’t resist!). The expressions, emotions, quirks, and mannerisms van Hout bestows on her lively creatures beckon readers many feet under: “I like to be, under the sea, in an Octopus’ garden …” Grab your mask, snorkel, fins … come on in, the water’s perfect!"

"This story about fear turns into a rescue story (and a love story) after the tail screams for help and all the sea animals pull the creature free. Van Hout adds humor to the multi-colored waters by drawing PJs on the pajama fish and a suitcase around the trunk fish. VERDICT All libraries should have this book"
-School Library Journal

"I like this story because Octopus is so cute. The pictures are colorful. There are also a lot of different sea animals, like a lionfish, a fire fish, a lantern fish, and a pajama fish. My favorite parts of the story are when Octopus politely knocks on the tail and it calls out, “Help,” and when he finds out that the tail is actually a mermaid. I recommend this book!"
- San Francisco Book Review

Uh-oh Octopus! | author: Elle van Lieshout & Erik van Os | illustrator: Mies van Hout | Hardback, 32 pages | 9781935954392 | $17.95

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