Ingrid & Dieter Schubert - Beaver's Lodge

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When Beaver gets hurt trying to fix some holes in the roof of his new lodge, his friends Hedgehog and Bear come to the rescue, carrying him off to Bear's cave to recuperate. While Beaver sleeps, Hedgehog and Bear gather stones, sticks, grasses, and mud, not merely repairing the damaged lodge but also decorating their creation with things they find in the forest. But in their enthusiasm, they forget to make an entrance so Beaver can get inside. Rather than rebuilding it again, Beaver offers to bite his way through.

"This is a gentle woodland tale with watercolors that make the countryside look beautiful; there are no predators in this sunny place. After working all day building his lodge, Beaver falls and hurts himself. His friends Hedgehog and Bear care for him, and while he recovers in Bear's cave, they prepare a surprise; they build him a new home. Hedgehog does the planning and Bear does most of the work. Beaver is astonished and a bit taken aback by what his friends have made for him-an elaborate construction of mud, stones, and branches, decorated with shells and flowers. They forgot only one thing-the door. Luckily, Beaver is happy to bite his way in. The pictures manage to make the endearing characters seem both animal and human. Children will enjoy the surprise and will make connections with their own sandbox creations and the stories that go with them." 

"Full-page watercolors in soft, earthy tones welcome readers into the landscapes. The artists capture the animals expressions of hurt, excitement, and confusion perfectly"
-School Library Journal

"The Schuberts tell their story with understated humor, and their illustrations enhance the friends' distinctive personalities." 
-Horn Book Guide

"The illustrations are full of detail. Children will like to study them to find different kids of animals and flowers." 
-Christian Schools International

"Beaver's Lodge uses familiar forest animal characters to emphasize the spirit of teamwork. ... Because it reinforces the concepts of kindness and team building, this book would be useful as part of a character education collection." 
-Library Talk

Beaver's Lodge | author: Ingrid & Dieter Schubert | Hardback, 32 pages | 9781886910683 | $15.95

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