Ingrid & Dieter Schubert - Elephant Soup

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The mouse has a favorite recipe. When a mouse is feeling blue, there is only one thing that can help perk him up-a big bowl of elephant soup. He doesn't need much to make the soup-vegetables, salt and pepper, and an enormous pot-big enough to fit an elephant. The mouse can't make the soup by himself. After all, he needs to capture an elephant. With the help of his friends, he manages to get an elephant in the pot.
What happens next is not what the mouse and his friends expected.

With lively illustrations and a text that conveys an absurd sense of humor, this picture book is the perfect recipe for laughter.

"What do you do when you are feeling down in the dumps? In this delightful picture book, a mouse and a hundred of his fellow friends gather to make a very special soup ... Husband and wife make a brilliant match of bright and lively illustrations and spot-on, sparse text. Readers will want to guess what comes next. Short sentences and pared phrases invite an early reader's ear to practice with sound and meaning. Amusing and whimsical, a joy for all, Elephant Soup is sure to be a classic for young readers everywhere."
-Catholic Library World

"A celebration of the absurd, this will appeal to children who can chuckle over the impossible and respect inventiveness ... Wonderfully clever! Big, double page spreads, bled to the edge, allow plenty of room for these cheerfully colored depictions of collaboration."
- Center for Children's Lit, Carthage College

"Elephant Soup" is a clever child's picture book about a fantastic adventure involving hundreds of mice, a large pot of water, simmering gently over a fire, assorted vegetables, and a volunteer elephant (to flavor the soup). Outrageous, funny, appealing and slightly daft, ""Elephant Soup"" is sure to entice a smile out of young readers age 2-6. Amazing cull color illustrations bring ""Elephant Soup"" to vibrant life, while cheery, cooperative, friendly mice by the hundreds troop to create their own special brand of cheer. There is a trace of Lewis Carroll-like influence in ""Elephant Soup,"" sure to be appreciated by children everywhere."
-Midwest Book Review

"Everyone has a good laugh and there is cheerful commentary on the best cure for the blues."
- Yellow Brick Road

"The old story of stone soup takes a wicked twist ... Children will worry about the poor elephant, put into the pot of hot water, until his escape and change into playmate for the mice. Watercolors of their antics against pastel backgrounds add to the delight of the story as listeners cheer, time and again, at the elephant's escape."
- Oregon's Lincoln County School District

Elephant Soup | author: Ingrid & Dieter Schubert | Hardback, 32 pages | 9781590788073 | $17.95

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