Ingrid & Dieter Schubert - Like People

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Children will delight in seeing how animal families are just like their own. Baby animals have moms and dads who help them to grow up and take care of themselves-just like people. Animal moms and dads hug their children, and when the children play together, the parents always keep them from danger. Animal babies learn a lot by watching their parents closely, imitating them, and practicing a lot.

In this gentle picture book, young readers will learn about the special ways that animal parents take care of their young.

"The delightful, colorful illustrations reveal adult creatures teaching, feeding, protecting, and playing with their offspring. Charming and intricately detailed, the pictures have a "Peaceable Kingdom" quality, showing bears, elephants, owls, monkeys, tigers, and possums existing together in harmony. The wide array of animals includes those that live in snowy regions, deserts, and underwater... children will enjoy learning about the similarities shared by animals and people. This appealing title offers the valuable lesson that all living creatures have much in common."
-School Library Journal

"With wonderfully busy, detailed illustrations that are the delight of small children, and with a touching and simple story, the creators of this book amuse and entertain us. They also give us pause to think about the nature of people, and how too much of anything is not always a good thing, be it hard work, or hard play."
-Through the Looking Glass

Like People | author: Ingrid & Dieter Schubert | Hardback, 32 pages | 9781590785768 | $16.95

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