Ingrid & Dieter Schubert - There Is a Crocodile Under My Bed

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Since the publication of There Is a Crocodile under My Bed! in 1980, countless children have overcome their fears of the dark with this ever-selling picture book. But times have changed and Ingrid and Dieter Schubert changed too. So they proudly present a totally renewed There Is a Crocodile under My Bed!

The girl who discovers a crocodile under her bed thinks: ‘This is going to be fun!’ She decides to tame the beast with her hoop and that's the beginning of a special friendship.

The new artwork by Ingrid and Dieter Schubert is as firm and fearless as the protagonist herself. With powerful simple prints without superfluous words, they tell the story that will take young readers to bed with self-confidence – at least for the next thirty-five years!

"In this simple and classic story, the Schuberts give a nod to Maurice Sendak as Sophie has a stuffed toy wild thing. The illustrations are light and simultaneously vibrant, giving off the glow of sleep and dreamland. Children will love the dynamic between Carl and Sophie, teaching a lesson in imagination and fearlessness. A great title for reading aloud, the book even comes with a craft idea for children and caregivers. VERDICT Short and sweet, this is an endearing story with energetic illustrations."
-School Library Journal

"Along with Sophie’s fearlessness, this genial addition to the populous “bedtime bugaboo” genre features cleanly drawn illustrations that offer neat but comical messes and central figures who sport magnetic personalities, as well as, after those first anxious moments at least, clear signs of mutual affection. Both girl and croc are equally lovable... A deftly upbeat encounter that should go a long way toward quelling any nascent nighttime anxieties."

There Is a Crocodile Under My Bed | author: Ingrid & Dieter Schubert | Hardback, 32 pages | 9781935954088 | $17.95

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