Jesse Goossens & Charlotte Dematons - 1000 Things about Holland

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Charlotte Dematons painted a thousand and one details in her inimitable artwork Holland. Every one of these details tells a story.

A Thousand Things about Holland highlights all the details and the stories. Read about the rich history of Holland. About the bizarre eating habits of the Dutch - what are these habits and where do they come from? What are typical Dutch traditions - why do they celebrate and in what way? Gasp at the architecture - what are Holland’s most famous buildings and what is their background? What makes the Dutch so… Dutch? And much, much more ...

Charlotte Dematons tells how she got to know Holland as a foreigner (she grew up in France) and how she became to like the Dutch. She talks about her choice of details that she put in her book. Additionally Jesse Goossens digs in the past and present of that strange little country called Holland, and she retells the funniest, weirdest and most bitter facts.

Eventually everyone will agree: Holland is a place like no other!

1000 Things about Holland | author: Jesse Goossens | illustrator: Charlotte Dematons | Paperback / softback, 94pages | 9781935954293 | $19.95  

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