Jesse Goossens & Linde Faas - Cola Fountains and Spattering Paint Bombs

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Science fun for the whole family!

Turn your home or backyard into a laboratory and create paint bombs and elephant toothpaste, let crystals grow, make volcanoes erupt, enable CDs to fly, build your own lava lamp, and discover how to can bounce an egg in this perfect rainy-day book.

Jesse Goossens (Jumping Penguins) has collected 47 spectacular, exciting, and sensational experiments.  Illustrator Linde Faas's illustrations make this just as appealing to read as to do. The result is a fun book for budding inventors and other sorcerers' apprentices.

Cola Fountains and Spattering Paint Bombs | author: Jesse Goossens | illustrator: Linde Faas | , 32 pages | 9781935954521 | $19.95

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