Jung-Hee Spetter - Lily and Trooper All Year Round

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All four seasons for preschoolers and early readers featuring the adventures of a little girl and her puppy. 

Each season has its special joys and all are explored in the Lily and Trooper series, now combined into a single volume families can enjoy throughout the year.

"Lily and her black and white dog are quite simply charming characters who are very real in that they make mistakes, fall down, get cold, and get hungry. Theirs is not a charmed life .... Indeed, these two best friends are just like the rest of us which makes them accessible and easy to relate to. Bright, flat paintings full of swirls and splashes of thick color compliment the spare text and young artists will be inspired to try their own hand at creating a Lily and Trooper picture." 
-Through the Looking Glass Children's Book Review

"The artwork is transporting ... It is not simply a visually compelling, exuberant world, but one that readers will revere for its glorious unctuousness." 
-Kirkus Reviews

"Young preschoolers will enjoy the cozy mess and silly farce." 

"The vibrant artwork reveals objects and figures outlined in black in front of swirling, flowing backgrounds of thickly applied paint."
-School Library Journal

Lily and Trooper All Year Round | author: Jung-Hee Spetter | Hardback, 32 pages | 9781935954316 | $18.95

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