Koos Meinderts & Annette Fienieg - The Man in the Clouds

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Real beauty is worth more than all the money you can get--a message wrapped in a moving and timeless picture book for all ages.

The Man in the Clouds lives up a mountain and shares his treasure--a beautiful painting--with all the people from the village below. Those whose lives are touched by unkindness and cruetly are especially moved by the painting, finding comfort in its promise of a beautiful world that does not know pain and suffering.

One day, a stranger comes up and tells the Man in the Clouds how much his painting is actually worth. Bit by bit, this changes how he perceives his art and begins to think of it in terms of monetary value. In fear of his precious painting being stolen, the Man in the Clouds puts locks on his doors and chases people away. Finally, he is all alone, then finds out that his painting has lost all its beauty.

He destroys the painting, opens his doors and windows, and discovers the real beauty lies outside.

Beautifully illustrated, elegantly told

"Written in the style of a traditional tale, this very readable story is richly amplified by Fienieg's soft watercolors, from the invitingly skewed lines of the house to the foreboding shadows that reflect the man's darkening mood. The simplicity of the idyllic setting is echoed in the unadorned typeface. Endpapers depict a grand view of valleys between mountaintops just touched with sunlight, a hint of what awaits those who can appreciate what they already have.
A lovely parable for our times from an acclaimed Dutch husband/wife team."
- Kirkus

The Man in the Clouds | author: Koos Meinderts | illustrator: Annette Fienieg | Hardback, 32 pages | 9781935954132 | $16.95

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