Maranke Rinck & Martijn van der Linden - The Other Rabbit

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In a world where everyone has a counterpart, Rabbit is searching for the Other Rabbit. He flies through the air, walks across the land, travels across the sea but still he cannot find him. Finally, he learns that the Other Rabbit is on another island and that the dragon who lives there won't let him leave because he is afraid of being lonely. Rabbit comes up with the perfect solution and no one is lonely again.

"If someone asked David Lynch to create a story based on the game Memory, the result might be something like this picture book from the Dutch team of Rinck and van der Linden, who previously collaborated on I Feel a Foot! (2008)."
-Publisher's Weekly

"This Dutch import puts a dreamlike twist on the children's card-matching game Memory, following a lone rabbit on a quest for its counterpart. References to the game are subtle: careful readers will note that many pairs of objects disappear from the narrative after matching up, and the first and last few pages show blue-edged square cards. In between, the rabbit's story meanders like a child's imaginings, from airplane rides to animal friends swimming in the sea."
-School Library Journal

The Other Rabbit | author: Maranke Rinck | illustrator: Martijn van der Linden | Hardback, 32 pages | 9781935954460 | $17.95

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