Marije Tolman & Ronald Tolman - The Island

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A new wordless picture book from the award-winning father-daughter team that renders you speechless.

Marije and Ronald Tolman conquered the world with their fairy-tale like pictures of The Tree House. The golden father-daughter team that won important awards for The Tree Houseagain create a world without words of its own, with a polar bear's dreamy road trip along awe-inspiring islands and colorful animal friends.

Distinctive art that is both accessible and transcendent

"In this oversize, wordless picture book, a polar bear journeys to many islands, some natural-looking and some sticklike structures that seem to have been made with crayon scribblings. On his travels, he encounters a variety of birds, fish, and mammals, none of whom are in what one would consider their normal habitats.  This adds to the charm of the story, allowing readers to determine for themselves what is happening here.  The pale, luminous washes provide plenty of blank space, focusing attention on the small, jewel-toned creatures. Young children will enjoy poring over the art to discover the many wonders in it, making up their own stories as they go along. Art teachers will want to introduce the book to older students for discussions of technique and storytelling."
- School Library Journal

"Color rules. It’s easy to read, easy to feel. And it’s what stands out to me about this book, The Island. I bought this book based on its cover, before I even turned a single page. Look at it! It’s dreamy and sparkly and enchanting and soft and calm and it just speaks. And the story is just as dreamy and sparkly and enchanting and all those other things. A polar bear climbs down from a ladder in the clouds. Wordlessly, he pokes from page to page, from thing to thing, from story to story, from island to island. The landscapes are muted and quiet, and the living characters are saturated and strong. The color palette is transporting and calming and breathtaking. I adore being able to read a different story every time I carefully thumb through it. I’m not sure if it means something small or something big, and I don’t really care. I just enjoy it and soak it in, and feel my imagination bursting at the seams."
- Design of the Picture Book Blog

"Both The Tree House and The Island can be used for writing exercises for students grades two through nine. The creators have left an enormous amount of room in the story for a child’s imagination. In the fall of 2012 at BookPeople in Austin, Texas, The Island was displayed on a wall that talked about raising readers, “one weird book at a time.” I wouldn’t myself call these books weird—but I do think they are exhilarating, magical, and exquisitely beautiful. So if you want to add an international author to your celebrations this week, you can do no better than look at the work of Marije Tolman and Ronald Tolman."
- Anita Silveys A Book A Day Almanac

The Island | author: Marije Tolman & Ronald Tolman | Hardback, 32 pages | 9781935954194 | $17.95

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