Marlies Verhelst & Linde Faas - The Feast for the King

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Tarantula has created a delightful and delicious celebration cake for the birthday of King Lion. On top is a showpiece--an extra tender piece of meat. The moment Tarantula turns his back to the cake, however, that tasty top disappears... Tarantula is furious! Who is the culprit? He roams the jungle to inspect all the animals' mouths, and woe to the bones of the animal where he finds traces of meat between its teeth. How will the search end?!

"Faas makes the most of each double-page spread, whether Snake dangles from a vine, supporting a tray of eggs with his tail, Giraffe extending a long neck or Crocodile coiling around the perimeter of the pages. When everyone brings their offerings to the birthday banquet, the culprit becomes clear in a satisfyingly humorous ending."
-Shelf Awareness

"Four gorgeous new picture books are top recommendations for any seeking superior productions, and should be in any American picture book collection. Marlies Verhelst and Linda Faas's The Feast for the King tells of Tarantula, who has created a lovely cake for King Lion's birthday party. Unfortunately, its centerpiece - the best piece of meat - has vanished. Who is to blame? Tarantula must inspect all the jungle animals' mouths to find the culprit in this whimsical story of thievery in high place."
-Midwest Book Review

The Feast for the King | author: Marlies Verhelst | illustrator: Linde Faas | Hardback, 32 pages | 9781935954446 | $17.95

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