Philip Hopman - Valentine and His Violin

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Valentine's violin can create the most amazing reactions--pleasant, perhaps not, but definitely amazing and often life-saving!

A humorous cacophonous picture book by the illustrator of Tom the Tamer. Valentine believes he has a special knack with his violin and he is entirely right--just not in the way he expects. He practices and practices, but he only succeeds in making more noise than music.

Audiences at home don't appreciate him and Valentine takes his violin to seek his fortune. As it happens, there are times when Valentine's peculiar talent can solve particularly pesky problems.

A perfect story for sharing and creating your own sound effects!

Valentine is a particularly appealing hero whose hidden talent will resonate with kids and parents alike. 

"The author of this quirky book must have lived around a beginning violin student. . .  
The illustrations are watercolor and pen-and-ink done with a sunny color palette, making the castles, city streets and interiors look Italian.  Fun read aloud especially for library or music class, proceeding with caution, of course, because of the poop.  A demonstration or a recording of a beginning violin player could be in order and if coupled with recordings of the musical selections that are named, could make for an interesting compare and contrast.  The reading level is suitable for a second grader so it could be a center activity especially if recordings are made.  It would lend itself to a second-grade-produced audiobook as a reading activity if a “bad” enough violin player would be willing to provide the sound effect."
- 2nd Grade Reading

Valentine and His Violin | author: Philip Hopman | Hardback, 32 pages | 9781935954170 | $17.95

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