Piet Grobler - Little Bird's ABC

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Birds make sounds that start with each letter of the alphabet.

"Elegantly impish watercolors and a soupçon of naughty humor make this one of the freshest primers in quite some time. An aviary of precisely inked and improbably feathered friends (think A.O. Blechman filtered through the sensibilities of fashion illustration) scampers through the alphabet against a crisp white background. The hand-size hardcover format lends the proceedings the cozy, silly intimacy of a tickle."
-Publishers Weekly

"An appealing avian crew stars in this alphabet of sounds. These birds are brimming with personality and playfulness, conveyed through a rich variety of color, pose, and facial expression in the line-and-watercolor art. ... Creative use of line and color makes each illustration a pleasant surprise, while sounds/words such as "Iiiee!!" and "Vroom, vroom!" are unexpected. With its small, square size and deceptively simple look, this is an inspired and original entry."
-School Library Journal

"Along with the silliness, preschoolers will get an important introduction to reading-not the names of the letters, but the sounds-and the fun."

"Readers of all ages will be surprised and amused twenty-six times by the silly sounds that little birds make in this charming, whimsical alphabet book... It's an especially good giggle for knowing pre-schoolers."
-The Midwest Book Review

"[I]mpish little birds flit and flitter through clever antics. The one-word text, such as "doink!" and "vroom," adds to the humor of this diminutive ABC book."
-Deseret News, Salt Lake City

Little Bird's ABC | author: Piet Grobler | Hardback, 32 pages | 9781932425529 | $8.95

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