Roberto Piumini & Piet Grobler - Doctor Me Di Cin

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When Prince Ma La Di is ailing, his father summons Doctor Me Di Cin. The doctor prescribes a healthy dose of fresh air, but the prince refuses to leave the palace. Doctor Me Di Cin promises to find an herbal cure. Each day, he returns to the palace empty-handed but full of tantalizing news of all that he has seen. The prince is so intrigued by the reports that curiosity soon gets the best of him and outside he goes.

Piet Grobler's watercolors include whimsical plants and birds drawn from Chinese folklore.

"With one to two efficient sentences per page, it makes for a smooth choice for group sharing. Grobler's simple, evocative illustrations do a wonderful job of setting the tone throughout the story."
- School Library Journal

Doctor Me Di Cin | author: Roberto Piumini | illustrator: Piet Grobler | Hardback, 32 pages | 9781886910676 | $15.95

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