Tjibbe Veldkamp & Alice Hoogstad - Sam and the Construction Site

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Sam saves the day at the construction site.

Sam loves to watch construction work. Every day, he stands behind the fence and watches the big machines--the steamroller, the cement truck, and the tall crane--in action.

When Sam enters the construction site on a dare, he discovers he can operate the big machinery! With a surprise ending, Sam saves the day with his construction site know-how.  

Hidden clues and delicious details make Alice Hoogstad's construction site a feast for the eye.

"Through a strong union of words and pictures, Veldkamp and Hoogstad construct an understated, slyly subtle narrative full of joy and charm [...] The illustrations—figures and machinery constructed with smooth, rounded lines and brush strokes of color—contrast nicely against white backdrops [...] Readers will surely enjoy a few visits to this construction site."
- Kirkus

Sam and the Construction Site | author: Tjibbe Veldkamp | illustrator: Alice Hoogstad | hardcover, 32 pages | 9781935954491 | $17.95

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